Nissan Xmotion Concept Revealed

Nissan Xmotion Concept

The new Nissan Xmotion concept car was recently revealed, which combines tradition and technology to showcase the vision of the car brand for future models that are in the works. The exterior of the Nissan Xmotion is minimal but has a dramatic appearance that allows it to stand out on the road due to its sleek silhouette.

The silver color shade of the car's body was inspired by the color pewter and has plenty of depth while looking similar to a malleable metal. The modern color pairs well with the sharp LED headlights, which feature a unique shape that is futuristic and has a soft volume.

The interlocking pattern is one of the most impressive features on the rims of the wheels, making the vehicle appear regal and luxurious. Although the car has a luxe design, it still appears durable and tough enough to go offroading.

A holographic image is used on the tail lights where blocks of light are added to create a unique design. The back doors also open opposite of one another, making it easy to get in and out of the vehicle quickly with the suicide doors. The interior of the car nods to the Japanese roots of the car brand with light wood paneling that is installed in the center of the car and a minimal flat screen between the driver and passenger seats. A long, sleek digital screen is also used from window to window on the dashboard and offers GPS navigation while monitoring your speed.

Drivers who are interested in driving an SUV with a bold exterior will appreciate the edgy design of the Nissan Xmotion. The interior seats are sleek and minimal with headrests that have wings, looking similar to something you would see in a sci-fi film. The vehicle is a display of Nissan's vision and inspiration for future models of car with unique and innovative features that are used. The concept car breaks the tradition that has been routinely seen with Nissan models and takes a few risks with its style and daring layout in the cabin.

Although the Xmotion may be viewed as over the top, it gives car-enthusiasts something to look forward to in the future with the bold details that allow the vehicle to look more like a luxury SUV.

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