How to Use the Nissan Rear Seat Entertainment System

How to Use The Nissan Rear Seat Entertainment System

What is the Rear Seat Entertainment System?

Models like the Nissan Pathfinder have what is called a rear seat entertainment system, which gives backseat passengers a front row seat to a connected and lively world of entertainment, sound, and endless delights during every journey. The Pathfinder is a terrific model known for its rear seat entertainment system. What can you do with this system and how do you get hooked up to it? It's as simple as 1-2-3, but we'll get to that in a moment. During long journeys, this little entertainment system will be infinitely valuable for easily bored passengers (usually little ones) who can't wait to get to where they're going. If they've got this rear seat entertainment system, they might not even want to get out of the car when the journey ends because they're going to be able to watch movies and also play games during every trip out.

How to use the Nissan Rear Seat Entertainment System

When you hop in the backseat of a model like the Pathfinder, you'll notice two screens in front of you, one on the left and one on the right. Both of these screens are a portal into a vibrant new world that you can witness while you're on the go. Nissan took great care to make sure that there's terrific picture quality on these tablets, and they're often removable so that you can even use them outside of the car. It's a cozy little backseat movie theater where you can hook up to Nissan's app and watch movies or also play games just like you would on a tablet bought outside of the vehicle.

Mostly what you have in the rear seat entertainment system is a tablet that functions just like a backseat DVD player. The only difference is that you've given your children or other passengers the ability to use what amounts to a tablet without having to hold it, and that's infinitely valuable if you're traveling with passengers who are quickly bored on long trips. Mothers and fathers alike are going to love that their children have a little-connected world in the backseat where they can relax and watch a fun movie or where they can play games and keep themselves entertained while the driver gets everyone there safely. In our opinion, this Rear Seat Entertainment System is more than worth the price of admission, and we'd love to show it to you here at Crest Nissan!

Are You Ready to Test it Out?

If you're interested in buying a model with the Rear Seat Entertainment System, we have a full lineup of them for you to try. Bring the whole family and test out what a trip with two of these beautiful screens would be like, and you can ask about mobility, too, as far as being able to remove the screens. When you buy your vehicle, you want to make sure that there's some connectivity of some kind, and we offer plenty of models that come with unrestricted Wi-Fi so that your whole family can stay connected as they travel. It's a big world out there, and you'll want to have something to keep the trip entertaining as you explore it. The Rear Seat Entertainment System is the perfect solution to busy parents who need to have something to occupy little minds during long journeys. Call us today at Crest Nissan to test out a Rear Seat Entertainment System in your favorite Nissan model.

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