Summer Maintenance Tips  

At our service center, we're committed to ensuring that you have everything needed for driving a safe and reliable car. And that's why we're pleased to provide you with the following information before traveling this summer. During summer, the weather conditions can impact the performance of your car and increase other risk factors. Use the below tips to ensure you and your family are safe on the road this summer.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

There are so many good reasons to stay consistent with oil and filter changes. From better fuel economy to engine longevity, they all are important enough reasons to ensure the oil quality remains top-notch. However, with the rising summer temperatures, the oil can become less effective than in other seasons. That's because excessive heat can change the chemical makeup of the oil and its viscosity. Thinning oil does not protect the internal engine parts efficiently, and changing the oil and filter on time is paramount to prevent this from occurring.

Fluid Levels

Do you check your fluid levels periodically? It's a good habit to get into and ensure the proper level is maintained before it drops too low. The fluids that should be paid close attention to during summer include power steering, coolant, windshield and transmission. Maintaining the maximum coolant level is especially important this time of the year. The fluid is crucial for reducing the engine temperature, and having the optimal level during the summer months can avoid overheating.

Tire Pressure and Condition

If there is one thing that can impact driving long distances, it's your tires. Tires affect the comfort as well as your safety on the road. Therefore, ensuring they have the proper air pressure and tire tread is paramount. Summer is an ideal time to schedule your tire rotation, even more so if you've fallen behind. You always want to rotate your tires to prevent uneven and premature tire wear.

Car Battery

A car battery is at greater risk during the summer, primarily because of the heat. But also because you're less likely to know how the winter has impacted the battery. Winter can be brutal on a car battery. And the only way to assess if it's summer-ready is to have one of our technicians perform a battery test. The test provides the precise status of the battery and whether it's fully charged.

Would you like more information about summer maintenance for your vehicle? Contact our service center. And to schedule an appointment today, use our convenient online service scheduler for instant access to availability.