Nissan Maxima Interior and Air Conditioning

No one likes an air conditioning system that's not working right, and that includes your car! You might not think that letting your broken AC system go is a big deal, but it can actually cause major headaches down the road. This is one instance where the longer you wait, the worse your problem will get. The air conditioning system is complex, and it's made of many interrelated parts. If any of the parts fail – even the smallest ones – they can put tremendous pressure on other parts of the system to work harder. This means you might have to replace more parts, which costs time and money. In the worse case, it may even necessitate an entire system replacement! Therefore, your best bet is to bring your car in to our service department for repairs at the first sign of trouble. Here are some things to look for that might help you figure out the root cause of the problem.

Is there a bad smell coming from the vents when you turn the car on?

Sometimes, especially if the AC system goes unused for a period of time, you might notice a bad smell when you turn the air on. You may also notice that the air in the cabin feels increasingly damp or moist. A bad smell, which many drivers are surprised to learn, can actually stem from bacterial growth. Part of your AC system's job is to clean, dry, and purify the air that's pulled in from outside. Sometimes, however, it's unable to perform this role. That often happens if the AC system isn't turned on for a long time, such as during the winter. It can also happen if a component in the AC system becomes clogged. This prevents air from flowing through and opens the door for bacterial growth. Since bacteria can quickly multiply once it's established a presence in your AC system, this is a problem that's best addressed at the first sign of trouble. Just contact us for an appointment, and a mechanic will flush out and clean the entire system.

Why Is My Air Not Staying Cold?

Another problem that drivers sometimes have is that the air actually starts out cold when they turn the AC system on, but it eventually becomes warm without the driver or passenger changing any settings. If this happens to you, a part in the AC system may have frozen or iced over. One of the most commonly affected parts is the condenser. The condenser is a place where moisture easily accumulates, which means that the moisture can freeze if there is a blockage in the condenser fans and air can't get through. A freeze can also form if the system is overcharged, which means there's too much refrigerant fluid in the system. Another indication that this is your problem is if you notice a puddle of water forming under your car after you've been driving. Ice usually starts to thaw about 20-30 minutes after the car has been parked.

There are puddles under my car, is this a problem?

Nissan MaximaWhile water is one type of liquid that can pool under the car from a malfunctioning AC system, the other is refrigerant fluid. Refrigerant fluid is one of the most essential parts of your car's air conditioning system. It is ultimately responsible for delivering cold air to the cabin, and it relies on several components, including the condenser, to make that happen. The refrigerant fluid can leak out of the car in various places, including from cracks and holes in the hoses, o-rings, seals, and even the major components like the compressor and condenser. If you suspect a leak, one of our mechanics will inject a UV dye into the car's AC system to find the source.

One of our technicians at Crest Nissan in Frisco, TX will be happy to assist you today in repairing your AC.


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