Video: Why Oil Change Service Is Crucial

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Don't waste time shopping around for cost-saving offers on your next oil change. Instead, visit the service center at Crest Nissan, where you'll find affordable oil changes in Frisco that will keep you coming back every 3,000 miles. At Crest Nissan, we are proud to offer not only terrific service, but also several service coupons that drivers can use at their next visit. To learn more about oil changes and why they are so vital to your new or used car, continue reading below!

Are Oil Changes Really That Vital?

Yes. Regular oil changes are absolutely essential to the upkeep of your new or used car. No matter what make or model you drive, keeping your oil updated is necessary to keep it running like it should. So what happens when you go too long without an oil change? Basically, your car's engine will begin to overheat, causing parts to warp and produce too much friction. If left completely unchecked, you might be looking at a full engine replacement that could cost thousands.

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