Nissan Z Racing Concept for Fuji 24-Hour Race Unveiled  

Nissan has just unveiled its new Z Racing Concept in preparation for this year's Fuji 24-Hour Race. These concept cars were designed as race cars. The new concept will be lightweight and agile while still providing the performance and handling those serious driver's demands. According to Nissan, the new concept car is a "fan favorite" and is sure to turn heads when it makes its debut at this year's race.

Two Nissan Z Racing Concepts

Nissan has unveiled the two racing concepts for its new Nissan Z sports car, which will compete in the Fuji 24-Hour Endurance Race.

The cars are based on the production version of the Nissan Z. They feature several modifications to make them suitable for racing. These include a race-tuned engine, suspension, brakes, a roll cage, and racing seats.

Concept car 230 will have a CNF-compatible powertrain and is backed by Team Nismo. Concept car 244 has a gasoline engine and will be driven by the Max Racing Team.

The CNF-compatible powertrain is a new development for this year's race. The system allows the engine to run on unleaded gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). It will be the first time a CNG-powered car competes in the Fuji 24-Hour Endurance Race.

Nissan is the first and only Japanese manufacturer to enter a factory team in the Formula E World Championship. The all-electric racing series will be on city streets worldwide, including Hong Kong, Marrakech, Mexico City, and Paris. Nissan's entry into Formula E marks a significant shift in the company's motorsport activities.

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