Brake fluid serves many important functions. Along with providing lubrication to important parts, another one of its most essential purposes is to move brake components.


Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid, which means it provides pressure to get things in motion. It’s what creates the force that helps push brake system components together, directly contributing to the slowing down or stopping of a car.

Brake fluid performs a tough job and it does so in tough conditions. Good brake fluid, in a “dry” or at least drier state, works effectively in harsh conditions. Brake fluid is a hydroscopic liquid, however, so it collects moisture over time and eventually enters a “wet” state.


Along with potentially causing rust production, too much moisture can bring brake fluid to a boiling point that causes vaporization, which can actually lead to brake failure. Rusting and potential vaporization are the most important reasons why it’s a good idea to get brake fluid flushes when recommended by your mechanic.

Brake fluid is very often overlooked, yet it’s highly important to the brake system and overall driving safety. In addition, getting a brake fluid flush is fairly inexpensive, especially compared to the services that may be needed if bad fluid is neglected for too long.

To monitor the condition of your car’s brake fluid, make sure you have it checked annually at our auto repair shop in the Dallas area.