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Does Nissan Make an SUV with a 3rd-Row Seat?

Nissan 3rd Row SUV

3rd-Row Seat Advantages

For some brands, 3-row SUVs are a thing of myth, a principle that may eventually make its way into the brand's lineup but as of yet doesn't exist. Third-row seating has many pros: the obvious increased passenger-carrying capacity. For example, car seats tend to take up more passenger room than normal, leaving those grown-up family members with very little elbow room during car rides.

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What To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A New Car

Nissan Leaf

If you've been thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, chances are you're considering how you can get the best deal and how you can select a car that has the features you need and want. The best time to start thinking about what car you need is before you even head to the dealership. Make sure you ask yourself these important questions before you leave your house so you can be sure to get the perfect car for your family.

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Stand Out Nissan ProPilot Assist Features

Which Models Use The Nissan ProPilot Assist

Pro-Pilot Assist is a Nissan-designed driver-assistance program that allows you to collaborate with your vehicle for the safest, smoothest drive possible. It's designed to do away with the frustration of stop-and-go driving, works in conjunction with a forward facing camera that monitors your attention, and is the very closest thing the world has right now to a "self-driving" car. Sure, the Pilot won't do everything for you. But it comes very close. Our mission here today is to go over some of the more advanced features of ProPilot Assist. .

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How to Use the Nissan Rear Seat Entertainment System

How to Use The Nissan Rear Seat Entertainment System

Models like the Nissan Pathfinder have what is called a rear seat entertainment system, which gives backseat passengers a front row seat to a connected and lively world of entertainment, sound, and endless delights during every journey. The Pathfinder is a terrific model known for its rear seat entertainment system. What can you do with this system and how do you get hooked up to it?

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Nissan Xmotion Concept Revealed

Nissan Xmotion Concept

The new Nissan Xmotion concept car was recently revealed, which combines tradition and technology to showcase the vision of the car brand for future models that are in the works. The exterior of the Nissan Xmotion is minimal but has a dramatic appearance that allows it to stand out on the road due to its sleek silhouette.

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